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Who We Serve

Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Denver serves families only. We define family broadly- a minimum of a guardian with a child under 18. We do not serve individuals or couples without children. IHN operates two "rotations"; one in Denver, Arapahoe, and Northern Douglas Counties. The other is in Jefferson County. Each rotation serves up to five families at a time.

We screen families prior to admission. After a telephone screening the family may be invited to a face to face interview. They must bring current picture ID, Social Security card, and birth certificates for their children. We conduct a background check of the adults. If we cannot serve a family, we will make appropriate referrals to meet their needs. IHN does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age, physical disability (including HIV infection), mental disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, military service, creed, or ancestry. Persons with a current drug or alcohol addiction, untreated severe mental illness, or domestic violence are referred to programs that will provide appropriate care. A family is expected to work with staff to create a self-sufficiency plan that includes seeking employment and housing.

What We Provide

IHN provides families with a day site to use as a "home base" for job and housing search. At the day site, families work on self-sufficiency plans and meet with staff. We provide transportation to and from the day site and host congregations every day and we provide assistance for goal related travel each day.

IHN offers assessment, service planning, referrals, and advocacy to our guests. The Case Manager and the family together, develop individualized self-sufficiency plans. All adults participate in Life Skills and Parenting classes weekly and continually work on goals. A family's stay in the program is contingent upon positive participation and active efforts toward goal achievement. All school-aged children must attend school.

Program Expectation

Based on the model of hospitality, IHN developed guidelines that every family must follow. In addition to following the guidelines, families must meet with the IHN staff on a regular basis, reporting progress on the goals from the service plan.

Although shelter is provided in church facilities, we do not impose religious views on guests.

How to Refer Someone

Call to see if we have space available. We do not keep a waiting list. An adult member of the family must call and speak with a staff person for the initial screening.

We cannot accept “walk-ins.”