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Volunteers put the hospitality into the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Denver. Volunteer hosts provide guests with human needs - shelter, safety, and sustenance - with a spirit of warmth and caring. Volunteers serve in many capacities for the Network. There is a role for everyone

Become a Host Congregation!

Host congregations are the key component to IHN and its operations. We work with congregations of varying faiths and backgrounds to host up to five families a week four-five times a year. The congregations provide them with a safe place the sleep, breakfast and dinner, showers, laundry, and transportation to and from the day site. Roll-away beds and pillows are moved between host congregations on Sunday. Volunteers set up private or semi-private rooms for each guest family and interact with the children and their families throughout the week.

Become a Support Congregation!

Support congregations do not use their facilities to serve IHN families, but they can be just as involved in the hosting responsibilities as the host congregations. Support congregations partner with a host congregation to provide volunteers and supplies for the host week. Additional support is always needed!

Volunteer at the day site!

Computer Consultant

Help us meet the technology needs of our guests and staff!

The Network needs assistance in keeping the guests' computers in working order. You will check on the guest computers, as needed, and ensure that settings are optimal for the families to be able to utilize the computer for employment and educational pursuits. The Consultant's efforts to secure free or low cost programs that could be installed on the computers to enhance our guests' computer use would be welcomed. You will provide assistance to the guests to improve their computer skills and learn programs that will improve their employment opportunities.

The Consultant would also offer assistance to IHN staff. For example, database development.


Day Site Volunteer

Day Site Volunteers answer phones, give referrals as needed (using our Resource Manual), assist current guests in meeting immediate needs, and provide clerical support. The volunteer would interact with the guest families, play with children or use a special talent or skill to enrich the lives of our guests. Saturday and Sunday shifts are especially needed.


 Volunteer at a congregation!

Sunday Afternoon Setup

We prepare living quarters for the guests by converting meeting rooms into temporary bedrooms for the quests.  Beds will be delivered from the congregation that hosted the guests the preceding week.  Set-up includes moving furniture, making welcome signs, setting-up roll-away beds, moving luggage, etc.



A volunteer drives the IHN van from the host site at 7:00 in the morning to the IHN day site to drop off guests.  The driver then returns the van to the host congregation.  Another volunteer picks up the guests from the day site at 5:00 and drops them off at the host congregation. For more information contact Molly 303-675-0713.



At some congregations, a volunteer Greeter is responsible for unlocking the facilities at 5:00.  The Greeter then greets the guests when they arrive and assists them during the down time before dinner.


Evening Dinner Host

Prepare and serve a hot, nutritious meal each evening and share the meal with our guest families and everyone (hosts and guests) helps in cleaning up.  It is usually easiest to prepare the meal at home and simply heat it and do last minute preparations at the congregation.  Dinner is served at 6:00 PM.


Evening Host

After dinner, there is time for the guests to participate in weekly classes, relax, and prepare sack lunches for the following day.  Volunteers set out items for the lunches and the guests prepare the lunches for themselves and their families.  There are opportunities for children to do homework, play, watch TV, or participate in supervised activities (crafts, for example).  Volunteers are sometimes expected to watch the children during the weekly classes. Guests may be taken to shower or laundry facilities if they are not present at the congregation.


Overnight Hosting

Two people stay overnight with the guests each night, usually one male and one female.  The hosts do not have to stay awake.  Overnight hosts are there to assist guests with any personal needs or emergencies.  Quiet time is at 9:00 and guests are asked to retire to their rooms at 10:00.  The overnight hosts make sure the doors are locked and everyone is safely in before they retire.  In the morning guests are to be woke up at 6am.


Breakfast Hosting

Guests are woken at 6:00 a.m. each day.  The volunteers set a nutritious breakfast and assist guests as they prepare for the day.  A volunteer drives the guests to the day site at 7:00 a.m. in an IHN van. The hosts clean-up after breakfast and put the food away.  Most congregations have a later hot breakfast on Saturday mornings or may keep the families for the entire day.


Sunday Clean-up

Guests return to the day site after they have prepared their belongings for moving.  Volunteers strip the beds and transport the beds and guest belongings to the next congregation.  Volunteers clean the rooms and return them to their regular use.  Volunteers launder the bedding and towels.  Equipment and supplies are returned to storage.